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Facilitation of real estate transactions:

Grant Teton National Park - Conservation Easement Exchange -- American Lands facilitated the trade of an 1,100 acre conservation easement on a private ranch in Grand Teton National Park for coal rights in Wyoming which resulted in the permanent protection of over half of the private land in the Park.

Lost Trail National Wildlife Refuge -- American Lands facilitated the acquisition and creation of the 519th Refuge in the National Wildlife Refuge System to help meet a corporation's wetland mitigation requirement in northeast Montana.   American Lands also facilitated an adjacent Wetland Reserve Easement.

BLM Madison River Exchange -- American Lands facilitated a multi-party BLM land exchange and the acquisition of the last parcel of private land adjoining the Madison River and  BLM's Bear Trap Canyon Unit of the Lee Metcalf Wilderness Area near Ennis, Montana.  The exchange enhanced public recreation opportunities  on the Madison River.

Bridger-Teton National Forest Exchange ­­-- American Lands facilitated a multiparty land exchange that resulted in consoli­dation of the Mount Leidy highland area adjacent to Grand Teton National Park, in the Bridger-Teton National Forest of Wyoming.

Giant Springs Heritage State Park and Lewis and Clark Heritage Greenway -- American Lands designed a combined sale, trade and donation of private lands to the Montana Department of Fish Wildlife and Parks which added 3,000 acres and 14 miles of Missouri River to the Giant Springs Heritage State Park and Lewis and Clark Heritage Greenway near Great Falls, Montana.

Gates of the Mountains Private/Public Land Consolidation -- American Lands designed and implemented a series of eight land conveyances which included the State of Montana and BLM to consolidate a 10,000-acre Wilderness Study Area at the Gates of the Mountains on the Missouri River near Helena, Montana.

Disposal of Corporate Non-Performing Assets -- American Lands designed and implemented an exchange that allowed a corporation to trade out of 21,000 acres of land assets of no use to the corporation in exchange for coal bidding credits in eastern Montana.  The 21,000 acres were made part of the Rattlesnake National Recreation Area and Wilderness near Missoula, Montana. 

BLM Missouri Wild and Scenic River Exchange -- American Lands facilitated an exchange with the BLM, enabling private landowners to buy scattered BLM parcels with low public resource values, and allowing the BLM to secure several miles of frontage on the Missouri Wild and Scenic River in Montana.

Disposal of Corporate Non-Performing Assets -- American Lands facilitated a land exchange between a private corporation, the Forest Service, cabin site lessees, and the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation to place Mesa Falls into public ownership. Mesa Falls is the highest water fall on the Henry's Fork of the Snake River near Yellowstone National Park in eastern Idaho.

City of Missoula Open Space Acquisition - American Lands represented Missoula, Montana in the acquisition of land and conservation easements under the City's Open Space Bond.

Public Access - Montana Private Ranch Exchange -- American Lands assisted the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks in fee acquisition and subsequent design of a conservation easement on a 17,845 acre eastern Montana ranch, and then traded the ranch for a  conservation easement on a second ranch providing access to the C.M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge in eastern Montana.

Superfund Mitigation -- American Lands facilitated the following transactions in relation to mitigation of a Superfund site in western, Montana: negotiating with over 30 landowners for the acquisition of a 15-mile, 2,500-acre greenway corridor; acquisition of a parcel of land on Georgetown Lake for a public recreation and access site; acquisition of a parcel of land which was added to a Montana Wildlife Management Area; represented a non-profit organization in the acquisition of two ranches, the placement of conservation easements and public access easements on the two ranches, and then subsequent sale of the ranches on the open market.

Indian Tribes -- American Lands has represented four different Indian Tribes in the acquisition of lands and conservation easements in Idaho and Montana for wetland mitigation and other purposes.



Rock Creek Watershed Conservation Strategy -- American Lands  prepared an open space inventory and conservation acquisitions strategy for the 570,000 acre Rock Creek drainage in Western Montana.  This report identified the top ten acquisition properties for the drainage.  Rock Creek is one of the first "Blue Ribbon" trout streams designated in the United States.

Lewis and Clark Expedition Conservation Strategy -- American Lands prepared a GIS-based conservation strategy for over 1,700 river miles in Montana and identified key acquisition opportunities

Rocky Mountain Front Conservation Strategy -- American Lands prepared  a wildlife habitat analysis of a 1.4 million acre study area and made recommendations for strategic conservation acquisitions.

Blackfoot River Conservation Easement Strategy -- American Lands prepared a conservation easement acquisition strategy for a ten mile segment of the Blackfoot River, a location popularized by Norman Maclean's "A River Runs Through It".

FERC Hydropower Relicensing -- American Lands has experience with Federal Energy Regulatory Commission hydropower relicensing by facilitating technical work groups and plenary sessions for two hydropower licenses in eastern Washington, northern Idaho and western Montana, and has been lead on recreation, land use, and/or aesthetic resources for three hydropower licenses in Montana.

Recreation Management Plan Revolving Trust Fund -- American Lands helped design a revolving trust fund to provide annual funding for the development and maintenance of recreation sites on or near the Madison and Missouri Rivers in western Montana.  This is in relation to implementation of a recreation management plan required under a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission hydropower license.